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From the moment we first met Cam we became confident that his training and support would be the best for our development as athletes. Cam is both passionate about what he does and dedicated to helping his clients improve. There was not a day or workout with Cam where we felt otherwise. For that reason we know Cam will be a part of our hockey journey for years to come – not just as our trainer but as a friend as well.

Seb and Eli


Cameron Bentley Fitness Testimonial Eli Seb
Cameron Bentley Fitness Testimonial Kuan Marlene

Before I started training with Cam, I was dealing with bicep and shoulder injuries that left me in constant pain. His approach was methodical and resulted in my arms and shoulders feeling as good as they ever have. I am continuing to build overall body strength and am on an excellent trajectory to get back to my optimal self. 


Cam brings an empathetic approach to physical, mental, and nutritional strategies. He designs programs that fit your unique lifestyle, while still being able to achieve your overall goals.  Plus, he’s a blast to work with. I always feel mentally and physically better after a workout with than when I arrived.

Scott W


With Cameron and his guidance on nutrition I was able to get my eating habits under control. Combined with his knowledge of training he was able to push me and guide me to becoming the best version of myself.

Payam D


Cameron Bentley Fitness Testimonial Payam


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